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3861 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77025

Store Hours:
10 AM - 6 PM
Monday-Saturday (CST)

(713) 660-9100

About Dan's Vitamin House

Dan Breckenridge, owner of Dan's Vitamin House. He has been serving the Houston, TX community since 1980. He has shared his vast knowledge on nutrition, health and fitness at his 3861 Bellaire, Houston, TX location for over 28 years.

Dan started working in health and fitness clubs right out of high school. He quickly advanced to head trainer and then into fitness club management.

Over the years he has trained and consulted hundreds of clients, helping them to achieve their prime fitness and health goals.

Dan then moved into the vitamin business in 1980. Those first years were challenging, being a small business required dedication and committment. With the support of family the business quickly grew.

Word spread about Dan's knowledge of nutrition and fitness and about his leading edge smoothie bar. Dan opened one of the first smoothie bars in Houston.

Some of Dan's Vitamin House customers include:

Olympic medal winners
Professional coaches and players including the Houston Rockets
Contest winning bodybuilders

Dan has served many after school children with a refreshing. smoothie to pick them up after a long day at school.

He is listed in the 1998 Who's Who.

Dan's smoothies were voted the "Best in Houston" by the Houston Press Magazine.

He has been interviewed by TV channel's 2, 11, 13 and Fox 26. He has also been interviewed by Russell Martino and KSBJ radio well as the San Antonio Times, The Houston Chronicle, Envy Magazine, and others.

Now Dan was on the leading edge in Houston, being the first to carry, METRX®, a low calorie, high protein meal replacement used by hundreds for weight loss while maintaining muscle. Dan could not keep it on the shelves.

Dan then marketed his own meal replacement product, Preferred Nutrition. Preferred Nutrition surpasses all meal replacement products on the market with its perfect balance of macro and micro nutrients. There is nothing better.

Over the years his store grew and Dan became widely known for his vast knowledge on nutrition and supplements.

Dan Breckenridge is deeply committed to your health needs. Dan's Vitamin House provides the highest quality supplements at low prices. They are shipped directly to you , quickly and conveniently by USPS, for your busy lifestyle.