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Our Mission

ALMs is currently supporting 10 orphanages:

The latest statistics say that worldwide there are over 300 million children living alone on the streets. Over 100 million of them are orphans. These children are as young as newborns, children taking care of children. In many nations they are treated worst than animals, sold into the sex trade and are murdered when their population becomes too great.

ALMs is currently supplying food, clothing, books, blankets, etc., for 10 orphanages. Dan has personally contributed to ALMs for many years. Thank you for your purchases from this store, a portion of the profits goes directly to the orphans. Mark Baker nor the staff of ALMs take a salary so unlike many organizations where as little as 10% goes to what you donated for, 100% of donations are used for the orphans. We can feed a child for $5 a month if you would like to donate directly to ALMs for the orphans or any other project, please see our contact information on next page.

Each trip to Mexico, India and Africa ALMs goes to the hospitals, dumps, streets, to the unseen and untouchable tribes. We also visit the largest and oldest of 9 leper colonies, over 2,000 people. ALMs provides food and bandages and loves and ministers to them.

Agape Love Ministries (ALMs) was not officially founded until 2002, though it was birthed out of an encounter with God in 1996. Mark is the founder and director of ALMs, both he ALMs are currently based out of Houston, Texas. Mark is an ordained minister and was a pastor of a mission church until 2003. Mark lived with his parents on the mission field in Mexico during his teens. During these formative years God deposited a love and compassion for the lost, poor and children.

ALMs is a diversified international ministry however our greatest mandates are to reveal and demonstrate the love of Christ to the church and world. To preach the gospel to the lost and take care of the poor, orphan & widow.

To Contact ALMs or to make a tax deductable donation:

7941 Katy Fwy. #197
Houston, TX. 77024